Remote learning

Given the current national picture, we understand the importance of creating a flexible and engaging home learning platform which enables all children to receive the same high level of education whether they are ‘home learners’ or ‘school-based learners’.

Within each year group, we will teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in the classroom.  Our curriculum will continue to be carefully sequenced and will ensure our learners obtain the building blocks they need to move on to their next step in their learning journey.  Our long term planning documentation, which is regularly reviewed given the current situation, is available for parents and carers on the curriculum page of the website. Half-termly class newsletters which highlight the key learning for the term ahead are also shared with parents and carers of both ‘home learners’ and ‘school-based learners’

To ensure there is consistency of approach, teachers will plan, resource and provide a video for each lesson.  Like our ‘school-based learners’, our ‘home learners’ will have the opportunity to ‘live chat’ with a teacher in each lesson through Teams to ensure they have understood the task, or if they need further teaching to deepen learning.

For families which are unable to rigidly follow the timetable, the lesson videos and resources are always available to be used at any point throughout the day.  There is also a year group email address, which can be accessed at any time.

We understand the importance of communication with all our families during these unprecedented times and use different mediums to ensure all parents and carers in our community can access information from the school.

When setting up our remote learning platform, we wanted something which was positive and welcoming to help increase engagement.  We provide activities for children in a range of formats over the school’s VLE ( and provide live support throughout the day through Microsoft Teams.

We understand that children of different ages will need different support and lessons.  For our younger children, we provide:

  • Shared activities
  • Short and focused learning activities that parents can more easily mange
  • Short teaching videos which can be played at any time depending on the families routine
  • Live support for parents throughout the day
  • Regular check ins from staff in school
  • Daily registrations, collective worship and story time

For our older children, we provide:

  • Bespoke video lessons recorded by the class teacher
  • Live support for pupils and parents throughout the day
  • Regular check ins from staff in school
  • Daily registrations, collective worship and story time

To further support our families, a weekly timetable is uploaded to the VLE, which is bespoke for each year group to help our parents embed routines at home.


For further information please download:

↓Remote Education Provision information - Parent Guide

↓Remote Teaching and Learning Policy 040221

↓Maths Links

↓English Links

Should you wish to speak to a member of our leadership team regarding Remote Education, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr Holliday, our Remote Education Leader.

Mr M Holliday

Remote Education Leader

Assistant Headteacher

01274 598540