School Bus

All about our 'Yellow Bus' bus service

At Baildon Church of England Primary School, we are lucky to have a 'Yellow Bus' service. The Yellow Bus is a school bus service, which picks pupils up in the morning and takes them home at the end of the day.

For more information about the route it takes and the prices please contact First Group on by calling 0113 348 1122, or visit their website.

First Group say...

The yellow school bus is more than just a vehicle, it is an integrated school transport system which has the potential to:

  • Reduce congestion – 20% of morning rush hour traffic is attributable to the school run. Reducing that will improve air quality, speed traffic flows and allow public transport to work better
  • Help our children – by helping to reduce child road accidents, creating a more secure environment for travel and encouraging greater independence from their parents.
  • Help our schools – by creating a climate where children arrive at school in a more disciplined frame of mind and better prepared to start the school day. The scheme also offers an early warning of truancy.
  • Support our parents – by reducing the need for non-essential school run journeys and allowing them to be more flexible in their work arrangements.
  • Support our local authorities – by providing an innovative addition to the local transport planning agenda and offering a low cost solution for education and local transport needs.