Cooked from scratch with the best ingredients

The catering department within school is managed by Nathan O'Brien, who along with 6 kitchen staff, produce approx 320 school lunches daily. All our meals are cooked from scratch each day using only the best quality and where possible locally sourced ingredients.

The menus are on a 3 week cycle and change completely twice a year. We constantly review our menus and ingredients, to keep within the strict guidelines set out by the Food Standards Agency, whilst still trying to make the options varied and tasty. We encourage good manners and appropriate behaviour during dinner times.

Whilst the school is aware that 'you can't please all the people all of the time', we would encourage all pupils who currently do not have school meals, to please try at least a week of meals. I look forward to the day when all pupils take up the option of a school meal, therefore reassuring parents that their child is having a nutritionally balanced meal.

School Meal Payments:

3 Sept - 25 Oct 2019  £74.10

4 Nov - 20 Dec 2019  £64.60

6 Jan - 14 Feb 2020  £57.00


 Week 1 Menu Updated October 2019

 Week 2 Menu Updated October 2019

 Week 3 Menu Updated October 2019